Combating Covid 19- Role of Digital Technologies

Covid-19 or popularly known Coronavirus has put even the mighty nations of the world in lockdown! No words can describe the state of fear and panic happening in countries like China, Italy, Spain, Iran and Germany where a significant percentage of the population has been asked to stay indoors or have been put in quarantines. So while the world is doomed to face the inevitable recession post-Covid-19 pandemic; the only positive fallout is how digital technologies have empowered people in battle against this deadly disease.

Social Distancing without being cut off - Social isolation does not mean being totally cut off from the world; we have so much to do even when we are indoors. Professionals all across the world have joined e-learning courses to enrich themselves and work on their skills during this time. Social distancing does not mean not knowing what is happening in the world; we are still connected via social media like Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Instagram etc. otherwise it would have been nearly impossible to survive the threat of a deadly disease amid the inability to talk to the people we love.

Staying updated about the problem - Thanks to the digital technologies, we are getting regular updates on what’s happening where in the context of COVID-19. The News of people recovering from this disease and praising Indian quarantine facilities have gone viral and thus given people a lot of hope in these testing times.

Facilitating our lifestyle - So while the malls and the shopping centers have been closed as per the state orders, thanks to the network of e-commerce, we are getting all that we want delivered right at our home. We have been able to cancel our tickets or travel arrangements just with one click.

Work from Home – Government of India has mandated work from home for employees working in every company, Corporaete, MNC and eve government offices etc to fight Covid-19. The deadly disease’s threat has resulted in top MNCs and IT companies in the world allowing their staff to work from home. So all those business organizations that have invested in digitalization and upgradation of infrastructure not just at the office but training their employees to work offshore are able to get the same productivity even in such times. Millions of people all across the world are sustaining their livelihood by working from home; thanks to smartphone, gadgets, and apps that help us stay connected with our work any time anywhere.

Digital technologies indeed are the biggest support in humanity’s battle against Coronavirus.